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Endobiogenics is a method of medical science that is based on a holistic approach to human physiology. Explanation of the term - "Endobiogenics": "Endo" - endocrine, "Bio" - biology (physiology), "genics" - genetics.

The creation and development of the endobiogenic method was influenced by the new results of psychoneuroendocrinology and epigenetics research. With the development of molecular medicine, gene analysis and epigenetic evaluation methods, it was possible to understand the mechanisms of how the activity of the autonomic nervous system interacts with the regulation of gene expression of neurons in the limbic system responsible for emotions, how the psychophysical structure of personality and reactions to stress change the activity of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and other endocrine glands.

The endobiogenics method is related to a new field of science - metabolomics, which studies the changes in cells, tissues and body metabolites in the process of adaptation. The endobiogenics method explains how a particular patient developed a disease and how it is possible to improve his state of health by maintaining the body's balance - homeostasis, complex self-regulation mechanisms of the nervous - endocrine system. The endobiogenic method is applied to the individualized diagnosis and treatment strategy of a (specific) patient's disease, eliminating not only the symptoms of the disease, but also the causes that caused the disease, analyzing the interrelationship of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems and the impact of psychological factors on the patient's health.

Based on the endobiogenic method, medical and herbal preparations are prescribed for treatment. The doctor professionally prepares an individual treatment strategy that helps to coordinate various treatment methods in a complex manner.



Why is it worth becoming an EIFA MEMBER?

  • Access to all information about events organized by EIFA.
  • Participate in a closed Endobiogenics method discussion group, clinical case discussions.
  • Get additional clinical material, access to Materia medica, discounts for seminars or other events organized by the association.

Who can become a member of the EIFA?

  • Professionals in the field of medicine (including pharmaceutical sciences) with a diploma confirming education and the right to practice medical treatment methods independently.
  • Students studying medical sciences (including pharmaceutical sciences) who do not yet have the right to practice medicine independently.
  • Researchers in various fields with a doctorate or postdoctoral degree who carry out research directly or indirectly related to health, health care.
  • Respected figures whose knowledge or acquired experience are valuable to the Association.

Membership fee for 1 year

  • Individual – 80 €
  • Legal entity – 700 €
  • Student – 20 €

Payment details

  • Association of Endobiogeny and Integrated Physiology
  • LT55 7044 0600 0798 6573
  • Company code: 303390918
  • Purpose: Membership fee

This is an association uniting endobiogenics specialists in Lithuania. EIFA officially started its activities in 2014.

Currently, the Endobiogenics and Integral Physiology Association community unites over 100 doctors, pharmacists, students and representatives of other medical fields.

The association actively cooperates with Endobiogeny specialists in USA, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Tunisia, Belgium, Bulgaria, etc.

  • Dissemination and development of the endobiogenic method and the concept of integral physiology.
  • Organization of conferences and international meetings (scientific symposia, seminars, debates), disseminating information to specialists and the public about the endobiogenic method in medicine.
  • Continuous education of association members, assessment of competences.
  • Professional use of the endobiogenic method for health preservation and treatment for healthy or sick people.
  • Professional application of the mathematical model of functional biology, proving the scientific validity of the application of such a method in medicine.
  • Connections between endobiogenics and other medical sciences analysis: in pharmacology, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, epigenetics, etc.

Prof. Dr. Nijolė Savickienė


Prof. Habil. Dr. Alvydas Laiškonis

Honorary member

Prof. Dr. Danielius Serapinas

Board member

Gabrielė Balčiūnaitė - Murzienė

Board member

Jurgita Šiupšinskaitė

Board member

Sigita Vaičiūnienė

Board member

Jurgita Šukevičienė

Board member

Activity type The person responsible
Registration of requests of the new members (individuals and legal entities). S.Vaičiūnienė
Coordinates scientific activities, organizes seminars and conferences Prof. N. Savickienė
Prof. D. Serapinas
Preparation of methodical material, administration of clinical case data registry Prof. N. Savickienė
G. Balčiūnaitė – Murzienė
Attracting new members, cooperation with other Lithuanian and international organizations J. Šiupšinskaitė


Jurgita Šiupšinskaitė
+370 606 03888
+370 5 2405406

Evelina Nevardauskaitė Rudzikienė
+370 616 78877

Danielius Serapinas
+370 5 2190027

Rasa Zurbaitė
+370 5 21 99990

Vilma Jackevičienė
+370 606 03888
+370 5 2405406

Aušra Vikniuvienė
+370 700 77333

Jurgita Šukevičienė
+370 700 77333

Sigita Vaičiūnienė
+370 610 62424

Rūta Sondienė
+370 613 96626

Tomas Morkevičius
+370 690 29000

Ingrida Mockienė
+370 616 02817

Irina Jazdauskaitė Uščiauskienė
+370 686 51397

Irena Brogaitė
+370 614 59165

Rūta Šalinskienė
+370 616 49429

Saulius Mikutis
+370 614 50427 (tik SMS)

Invitation to become


  • Doctor / Residents
  • Medical students
  • Medical specialists
  • Representatives of other fields of medicine and health care


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  • EIFA (Endobiogenikos ir integralios fiziologijos asociacija)
  • Company code: 303390918
  • Address: Pietinė g. 23, Radikių k., LT-54378 Kauno r.
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  • Account LT55 7044 0600 0798 6573
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